Saturday, August 16, 2008

Start the party, we're here

All right, we (and by we I mean me) decided to start blogging because it's a Saturday night, Richards working and I'm putting off going to the gym. Of all the Chipping's we are also the only one's without a blog, so I guess peer pressure (Emily) is also another reason to start one. Our computer at home is having another "I'm brand new but still don't want to work for you" episode so I'll try to maintain this blog from here at work, I love comments and suggestions on what to do with a blog, especially since now that we have one I'm not sure what we'll do with it. Seriously. On another note, life with us is good. I just got the office manager promotion here at work, going to see how that pans out. Richard is working hard, he's going on a two day camping trip with Phillip on Monday, I'll see if he'll write some comments about it when he gets back. We're not very exciting people but for the sake of this blog and this blog only, we'll try to be ;) All right, I can't put off the gym any longer, I'll do some posting soon though!


DillChips said...

We are very happy to hear about you, since we are not able to see you to often. Thanks for bloggin it up.
P.S. You are fun to hear about, someone who procrastinates the gym sometimes means that we have something in common.

Emily & Nicholaus said...

YAY!!! I am so glad that peer pressure payed off! Now I just need to put the pressure on for you to post more often (like I have any room to talk) and include lots of pictures. :) But seriously I am way happy that you made one and I love the name. You are going to have to explain how you came up with the name though. I wonder if it has anything to do with the resemblance of Richard and buffaloes? I only say that because they both are curly haired furry things that look so cuddly! I have a feeling I am going to be in trouble for that comment so I am going to stop while I am ahead! Love you both!! :)

Amie said...


That's all I'm going to say about that.

But YEAH! I like it when people start blogging, because, you know, we all just don't see each other often enough. And this gives us a place to catch all that overflowing-ness stuff that people don't usually see or know about us.! :D

Glad I found you online!

Legolacey said...

yo wu up from Lacey! It's great to have an opportunity to follow your life religiously! I want my own blog now!

Phillip said...

welcome to the blogosphere!!! :)