Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Memory Post

Okay, I've been checking out all of your blogs and this posting looks popular so I thought I'd give it a shot, what you do is add a comment to this blog and write a memory you have of us (Richard or/and Katrina) together. It can be short or long, doesn't matter. Then once you've posted a memory of us we go to your site and post one of you. Blog Chain Mail, gotta love it ;)


DillChips said...

I remember having some good laughs with Richard, one of my favorite times together is when he returned home from his mission after just seeing Nathan. I was so excited that he was where Nathan was and I was very interested in learning more about Taiwan to be prepared when Nathan returned. Any way we ended up hanging out and we went out to a Chinese place together. The funny part about this dinner date to me was when Richard as serious as he can be let me know that he was not the one for me (or something a long the lines of don't check me out you need to wait for my brother)
Katrina I gotta tell ya it was pretty close there I have always wanted curly haired babies.
The sad truth is a lot of the time I secretly got pretty teared up for Nathan after seeing any of his brothers. Ohhh .. the hard knock life of someone truly in love with a missionary.
Here is one I think I may give another with you Katrina.

Emily & Nicholaus said...

Ok, lets see, where do I begin. I have a few memories of us holing up somewhere and eating chocolate. It was always so fun to come over and have dinner with you guys. You are a great cook and those turkey legs are definitely calling my name right about now. You know in thinking back most of our time together was just having long conversations or fun times of ganging up on our husbands. It was great and I cant wait to see you guys soon!!!

Phillip said...

I remember going on this really cool campout in the high Uinta mountains with richard... boy, I wish I could see some pics from that! (hint, hint) :)