Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's been awhile since we've blogged! We have a few funny and not so funny stories to share. Let's start with the funny. This past Labor Day Weekend we didn't do much of anything (which was wonderful), but when we were throwing around ideas of what we could do I suggested that we just jump in the car and go to Vegas, maybe visit my brothers. Richard looked very concerned and said, "Well that might be fun but I don't think it would be good to just pop in on them, isn't Labor Day just a Utah holiday? They'll be at work"... :) He's too cute. On a personal note I was laying in bed the other day, about to take a nap and Richard came to kiss me goodbye before he left for work. We started kissing and I fell asleep and woke up to him still kissing me. Awkward! I'm still in the doghouse a little with that one.

Okay a more serious note! Richard shot his gun at work the other day. I'll let him tell that story:

I shot a deer.

I guess I'll tell the story then since Richard's laughing. He went on a call and a deer got caught trying to jump over a spiked fence. Animal control couldn't get there anytime soon so Richard had to shoot it. I feel bad for the deer but at the same time I'm kind of glad that the first time Richard had to use his gun was on an animal rather than a person. Richard also got a little action at work today, he had to jump four eight foot tall fences and run to catch this bad guy who was wanted for aggravated assault with a knife. He had to put "the hurt" on him a few times to make him comply. Go Richard!

In our non-work lives, Richard is back with his singing group "4our"(?) and he's sounding great! If I figure out how to put some of their songs on the blog I will (anyone who knows how to do that please tell me how). I have joined a book club and this month we're reading "Book of a Thousand Days". Hope it's good!

We've included some pictures below of our apartment, it's all decorated for fall! Please ignore our bedroom, we've never decorated it and the second room is just storage, enjoy!

Our tiny

Our dining

Our front room and the bathroom.

The second room
(again, it's only
used for storage).

Our room.