Sunday, November 2, 2008

We're going to start the blog out with the above phrase. Not for any reason in particular, just because I'm sure there are many wives out there who will get a kick out of it instead of noticing how long it's taken me to blog. So I last left you all with me leaving to Maryland to babysit my little sister. Many thanks to all the people who made sure my husband actually ate more than crackers and cheese. Below are just a few pictures of the countryside around where I used to live. It's so gorgeous there! I miss it!
While I was there I got to catch up with my two best girlfriends Sarah an Evie, the cute little munchkin I'm holding is Sarah's baby Hannah. We had a great night out on the town, it was awesome catching up with everyone. Below is a picture of my dad's library (where he's the director), huge isn't it? It was so nice to spend some time with Genny who's turning 21 at the end of this month. Crap! I'm really starting to feel old now! My mom and dad and I went to Colorfest which could be more commonly known as the "Spend every last dime you have on trinkets and original artwork fair". It was great spending time with them, it's really interesting living/visiting with your parents after your an adult. We had a lot of good conversations, made a few dinners together, overall it was a fun vacation.

Now here's funny/slightly scary story. They breed freak mutant ducks in Maryland. It's true. Genny and I decided to go feed the ducks at the park so we got in the truck and as we were driving there one freak duck saw us coming and told his friends, they were waiting for us when we parked. Here's Genny wearing my sunglasses waiting to go to the park.

So we get out of the truck and they SWARM US. Did you know ducks have claws on their freakish webbed feet?! I didn't! Long story short they got the bread (that I threw over my shoulder in my attempt to flee with Genny) and I got some duck claw marks to remind me why I love roast duck with sweet potatoes. Here's a picture of them below, menacing aren't they?

Before I left for my vacation I gave my work notice that I would be leaving. WOO-HOO!! I've been with Zagg for three years and while I'll miss my friends there so much I must say that my experience with them has made me understand that I don't like working in an office. It was a good three years, I did everything there from the shipping room, to customer service to office management. My last day there was a week after I got back from vacation (the third week of October). I will now be going to school! I'll write more about that in another blog because there's still so much to catch up on!
I had a little minor surgery on my hand a few weeks ago as well. Turns out I had a cyst that suddenly decided to start hurting and so I got to go to the hospital, wear an insanely indecent gown, get put under and wake up to fabulous drugs that made me feel fantastic. I've never had surgery, a broken bone or even a sprain so it was all new to me. It's all healed up now. I didn't take a picture or anything because that stuff gives me the heebie-jeebies, but I will have a great scar from the three stitches, I'll have to figure out a good war story to go with it.
Oh! Happy late Halloween! Richard and I had the good fortune of going to three parties this year! (Last year we sat at home and ate peanut butter candies). The first party was my sister Lacey's. We dressed up as.....EACH OTHER! I wore Richard's entire cop outfit, which drowned me. Those utlity belts are so heavy! He got to wear one of my skirts, shirts and yes, my bra. We painted his finger and toenails a pretty red, gave him a blonde wig and put some make up one him. His eyelashes are so long they look fake, bonus! He makes a pretty me if I do say so myself. Richard won best costume at that party. The next night we went to Mark and Kellie Rose's party where we won the funniest costume award! On Halloween night we went to Joe and Jessica Starr's party. By that time Richard was pretty sick with men hitting on him (and who could blame them?!) so we let him go as a robber to that party and I was the cop who caught him. ;) LOVED that. All in all it was a pretty fun month! I'll blog soon becaues so much more is going on! Love you all!


DillChips said...

I think you definitely needed to look more manly and hairy, You were just a hot cop.
Love the pics though.
And poor you and Genny with the duck attack I would have chased them away if I could.
Love ya

P.S. Good statement on your sign.

Anonymous said...

haha that was awesome! Love the quote!

Oliver Chipping said...

awesome and perverted! just like you guys. ha ha.. just kidding ;) thats a great idea! seriously... I'd have to wear some pretty serious heels if i did it!

chris and lynden said...
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chris and lynden said...

yuk!! i'm just thankful that you two look the way you really do!!
oh well, what can you do... halloween is just a scary time of year!!!
love mom

Amie said...

Very cool~ what a good idea! Glad you had fun on your trip back home.

Sita, Shalie, Ella said...

Where the heck are you?! I keep checking your blog, and we need to get together!

cody said...

["yuk... halloween is just a scary time of year!!!love mom"]

I seem to remember Uncle Chris making an even scarier woman one Halloween.

Cody and Denise Dunne said...

I'd just like to quote you.
"I'll blog soon becaues so much more is going on!"

uh-huh... so where are these posts? :)